About us

So who are the guys that made this page?

Actually, I am just one guy with a hobby of building informational webpages like this one. I have a number of them including other utilities for doing a number of things on the Internet.

Some of my other hobby pages are:

In total I have nearly 200 domains that I am developing over time... some I choose to let go and others to sell, while others I develop mini-pages like this one.

How Do I get paid for these sites?

I monetize my sites by using a mixture of affiliate links and Google Adsense, which generates a small income. Since I treat this as a hobby, the income need not be large - and it usually is not!

Hopefully, I can provide some value to most web users and they will bookmark, link or otherwise vote for my pages. I have coded all of the HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript myself. I have done all of the artwork myself.

If you like any of the pages, please contact me and I am usually happy to exchange links with similar pages and for people who do not spam.